Friday, October 5, 2012

Top Antioxidant Foods

There have been countless lists of the top cancer fighting foods but I like this one best because it goes beyond fruits and vegetables. And it comes from my nutritionist, who is in the same practice with some of LA's top oncologists. This list inspires the recipes I choose to sample and share on Savory, Sweet And Spicy.

1. Broccoli (*)
2. Garlic
3. Green Tea
4. Whole Grains (**)
5. Cabbage
6. Grapes
7. Soybeans (***)
8. Beans
9. Berries
10. Chili Peppers
11. Ginger
12. Tomatoes
13. Turmeric

(*) Broccoli sprouts, available at Whole Foods, are similar to alfalfa sprouts and contain as much as 50 times the nutrients found in an entire head of broccoli.  They are mild tasting and excellent on sandwhiches and in salads.

(**) Quinoa is the best.  And the Ezekiel line of bread and pasta products, which contain sprouted grains and no flour, are also excellent sources.

(***) This is a controversial subject for women. The American Cancer Society says 3 servings of soy a day is safe.  This includes soy milk, edamame, tofu and tempeh.  Getting trace amount of soy from soybean oil, soy sauce and soy lecithen is also supposedly safe. What is to be avoided are soy concentrates like those found in soy supplements.  I am going to take this a step further with a hunch and no medical backing:  those mock meats that contain soy protein isolate and soy concentrate are not good.  I think my consumption of "chicken nuggets" and "bacon" got me into trouble.

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Source:  My nutritionist

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