Friday, May 3, 2013

Ultimate Margarita

I take my Margaritas very seriously. A Margarita is a kindred spirit to a Bloody Mary. There are countless recipes for both; everyone has their own opinion on which recipes are the best; one is hard pressed to be served a truly good one at a bar or restaurant. Well, actually once upon a time there was a restaurant that served out-of-this-world margaritas, the kind that don't taste like a mysterious mix of water, syrup and pixie sticks. But I couldn't get the recipe. The bartender was forbidden to share. So all I could do was crane my neck as he turned his back and catch glimpses of  fresh lemon juice, fresh lime juice, tequila and Citronage being frantically thrown in a shaker. Really, he made his back as wide as a hulk and cuddled that shaker like a nerd hovering over an exam - like everyone is going to observe and copy?  Ok, copying in this instance was my goal. But.. if I couldn't make that perfect margarita at home, at least I knew where I could purchase one. And then something traumatic happened...the restaurant closed and in moved a CVS Pharmacy. Fresh hell. 

Then I was forced to learn how to make the ultimate Margarita at home. It was a long {but fun} road in finding the recipe and in honor of Cinco de Mayo, I am sharing it with you. I landed on this recipe after years and years and years of research {I am slightly obsessed}. I polled bartenders and tried their at-home versions; I tried recipes from bartender bibles, recipe books, the Internet and tear sheets from magazines. And none of these countless recipes have stood up to this one from Ina Garten. 

This recipe calls for fresh squeezed lemon {a must}, silver tequila which gives a less smoky, more mild flavor, and just the right quantities of ice, booze, Citronage and fresh citrus juice. 

Your party planning for this Sunday is probably well under way and if not, it's time to get started. What better way to spend a sun-drenched day than with friends and family sipping good Margaritas...and enjoying guacamole, salad and perhaps tacos 2 ways?

Ultimate Margarita

1/2 c fresh squeezed lime juice {about 5 limes}
2 T fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 c Citronage {or Triple Sec}
3 c ice
1 c silver tequila {I prefer Herradura Silver}

Combine the first four ingredients in a blender. Add tequila and blend for 2 seconds. Serve over ice.
{I'll post my one image on Sunday}.

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