Monday, March 25, 2013

Meatless Monday

I am so excited to share that this blog has just been selected as a featured partner of Meatless Monday. Are you familiar with Meatless Monday? To get one important point out of the way, it is not a movement to convert anyone into a vegetarian or vegan.  I have all the respect in the world for vegetarians and vegans but I am still hanging on to my seafood and dairy. And my husband loves poultry and meat. 

Meatless Monday is a movement to encourage us, as a society, to collectively give up meat for just 1 day per week - on Mondays. This simple commitment gives our bodies and the planet a well deserved break. A roster of influential people in the media {here}are helping to spread the word and I am so pleased to be invited to be a blogger on board. 

Where can you get a quick snapshot of Meatless Monday meal ideas? Click on Savory, Sweet & Spicy's recipe indices "Meatless Monday" for recipes shared on the big day as well as "Vegetarian" and "Vegan" for recipes shared the rest of the week.  And even more recipes and information {and the Savory,Sweet and Spicy blog badge coming soon}at
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