Thursday, March 14, 2013

Breakfast Parfait

Breakfast Parfait Recipe

For someone who spent her younger adult years considering black coffee breakfast, I have certainly turned the corner.  I now realize what it means when health experts say, "breakfast is the most important meal of the day".  A solid, nutritional breakfast can chart the course, mentally and physically, of the entire day. Now enter granola - a delicious breakfast option. There are healthy recipes and then there is the kind of prepackaged granola that you can buy which is typically loaded with sugar and fat. Find a healthy recipe {my easy granola recipe link is below} and you have a great partner for almond milk or better yet - pair it with plain, low fat yogurt and fresh berries for an amazing breakfast parfait. This power breakfast will make you say, "world - bring it on!".

Breakfast Parfait

1 c low fat yogurt 
1/4 c - 1/3 c fresh berries

In a mason jar or parfait glass, add 1/2 c yogurt.  Follow with desired amount of granola. Add the remaining 1/2 c yogurt.  Top with fresh berries.
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Source:  Jill Crusenberry

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