Friday, October 26, 2012

Vitamins D and B-12

Have you had your vitamin D and B-12 levels checked lately {or ever}?

Western medicine practitioners discovered a few years ago that deficiencies in these two vitamins are strongly linked to some of our most serious maladies.

- I have been told that most cancer patients have something in common:  a deficiency in vitamin D. 
Yep - that was me. I got tested and take a prescription for a mega dose.

- I have been told that most people suffering from neurological disorders such as MS and Parkinson's have something in common: a deficiency in vitamin B-12.
Yep that was me. I got tested and take an over-the-counter B-complex cocktail.

It's critical. Please get tested, and continue to monitor. And if you Dr. says this test is not necessary, perhaps it is time to find a new Dr.

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Source:  This information was delivered to me by my Dr and numerous studies have been published online on  the topic.

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