Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

true food cookbook

If you celebrate Christmas, I hope by now you have had 3 cups of coffee or tea, a few cookies {it's the holidays!} and at least one surprise under the tree from Santa.  Let's face it - at any age gifts bring joy.

This is where I get sappy. My greatest gift this year is the gift of life, something which I will no longer take for granted. My second great gift is having an amazing network of family and friends who helped me get through a very tough and scary year.

And then there is this third gift - on a tangible note -  a surprise under my Christmas tree this morning - the True Food cookbook. I have been contemplating {obsessing over} picking up a copy so I am truly excited. On this site I have deemed Dr. Andrew Weil my hero and professed my fan-ship of his anti-inflammatory food pyramid, his website and his incredible restaurant, True Food Kitchen. Today I curl up with a really good book and look forward to trying and sharing these recipes as soon  possible.  Thank you to my dear friends SS and SS for the said second and third gifts.  How did they know?

Merry Christmas!
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