Thursday, November 15, 2012

Greek Salad With Tuna

healthy greek salad recipe

My husband and I eat chopped salads for lunch several times per week and this particular recipe is a staple. It is super healthy, featuring raw vegetables, lean protein and good fat from the olives and vinaigrette. Today I made the vinaigrette with white balsamic vinegar, but white wine vinegar, champagne vinegar or lemon juice is equally good.

Greek Salad With Tuna

 6 c mixed baby greens
4 T  white balsamic vinegar
1 t Dijon mustard
1/4 t salt
1/8 t fresh ground black pepper
1/4 t ground cumin
1/4 t ground coriander
4 T olive oil
2/3 c chopped cucumber
2/3 c chopped baby carrots
2/3 c whole Kalamata olives
3/4 c cherry or grape tomatoes (about 20 tomatoes)
feta cheese
14 oz albacore tuna {I prefer tuna packed in glass jars or tins, found at gourmet markets and Whole Foods;  they are pricier, but better quality}

To make the dressing
Mix vinegar mustard and seasoning in a small bowl. Slowly whisk in olive oil until emulsified.  Taste to adjust seasoning. 

In a bowl, toss lettuce with half the dressing.

Divide lettuce between 4 plates.  Arrange cucumber, carrot, olives and tomatoes on top of lettuce.  Crumble some feta cheese and sprinkle with desired amount on each salad.  Add a mound of tuna on the center of each salad.  Finish each plate with a light drizzle of dressing.

Serves 4.

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Source:  Jill Crusenberry

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